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Technology at CS

Gabrielle Rafford
Director of Educational Technology

Frequently asked questions:

What are Community School's BYOL(Bring your own Laptop) guidelines?

Click here for the BYOL letter. 

How do I add the Konica Copiers to Google Cloud Print? 
This is for anyone on any device, using Google Chrome. This is the easiest way to add CS printers.
Click the links below (in Google Chrome) to add each printer.

Engl Hall Copier
CAMS 2nd Floor Copier
ES Faculty Room Copier
Library Copier
Middle School Faculty Copier (For FACULTY/STAFF ONLY)
Science Building Copier
US Faculty Room Copier (For FACULTY/STAFF ONLY)

How do I add the Konica Copiers to my Mac Print/Scan Settings?

Click here for video instructions.
How do I authenticate my computer so I can print color to the copiers(for faculty/staff only)?

Click here for video instructions.

How do I add or delete a printer on my Mac?

Click here for video instructions.

1. Click the Apple menu in the upper left of your screen.
2. Select System Preferences
3. Select Print and Scan
4. See the list of printers
5. Select the one you want to delete and click the - sign below the list.
6. Or Click the + sign below the list and add from the default networked list.
7. If it doesn't show up there and you have the IP address, you can add it with the IP address under IP.

How do I access the school's fileserver?

Click here for video instructions.

How do I airplay to a teacher's computer if I don't have a Mac with the airplay function or I have a PC or Chromebook?

1. First make sure the teacher has the Reflector App running on their desktop.

2. Download AirParrot here for $14.99 for a Mac or PC or $4.99 for a Chromebook.

3. Install the App and then open it to Airplay.